2014년 12월 10일 수요일


As I mentioned during the spectacular, racism is a delicate subject but I had one reason to choose.
Actually I traveled india 2011, before that I know that I am not looking like that but I was a person who have a weak stomach.
example, when I have a meal, if a person who have lots of pimples on her face and I saw that then I couldn't have a meal anymore. kkkkk......
When I first got in india, it was really difficult to have a meal with indians because in my thought, they look different. yes I was so wrong and stupid.
So about one week, I didn't have any meal with them I just had snacks which I brought from korea.
But one day, one of my indian friends came to bring me to the kitchen.
And she prepared bread, jam, egg, cereal.
Also she said,
“even though you don't wanna eat indian food, you have to eat to survive in hot india.....“
She thought I didn't wanna eat indian food.
That time I felt so sorry with shame.
And I had that food :)
That time I realized that I am not a person who have weak stomach. that comes from my mind so I could changed my mind then nothing comes to me as any problem.
What I would like to talk is everyone is same if you change your mind and thoughts like my example.
And I really enjoyed to have a spectacular exam and I am so happy to be able to remind that time in india :-)

2014년 12월 7일 일요일

Unusual Projects

I would like to talk about some unusual projects of the world. These days some unusual but meaningful projects and events are going on the world. At first, a few days ago, the hottest project in korea was the rubber duck project. It seems just for fun but not like that.
Actually Oct 1, 1992, about twenty eight thousands of small toy rubber duck was delivered from china to hongkong by ship. But the ship was wreck by a storm so all of the rubber duck was fell into the sea. That time all of the world said it is big problem because they cant take away all the toys and because of the storm, all toys already left many different part.
but some years later, toys are found many different places in the all countries and through this happening, one of the oceanographer who researched about flow of the sea, Curtis Ebbesmeyer, he could make a map of the flow of the sea.
and every year the donation event is held though the rubber duck, people can buy duck by 5 dollars and they do the duck race. they write their name and put inside the duck. And they fall all ducks to the sea, and they will wait for the one duck which will be the first. And they will open the first duck and check the writer’s name. Then through that person’s name, the donation will be given.
Actually the main rubber duck project is it. This duck’s height is 16.5m and over 1000kg. This project was started 2007 by Florentijn Hofman from netherlands and it has meaning spreading joy around the world. Hofman said when the rubber duck happening was issued at first, people thought is was like a curse but later through the rubber duck, we could know the flow of the sea, like it, through the things what we think meaningless, we could make them to meaningful.
And second project is iced bucket challenge. It was started from U.S and this campaign was spreaded to all of the world very quickly. This is for the patients who got Lou gehrig’s disease. When the people put the ice on their body, that thrilling feeling is similar to the Lou gehrig’s symptoms. So within 24 hours, participants have to pour the iced water on theirselves or donate money to ALS. And then they upload the video on their sns, also could pick up three people who will do challenge the next.
And one interesting project is give life a hand. This project is hosted by Dettol on celebrating the The World Day of hand washing by UN. It is very easy to join. First, wash the hand though soap, and then take your picture of hand. Last, just post your pics with hash tag handfie.
 Then though each picture, one child in developing countries can get education how to wash the hands. Actually I don't know how they will check every pics but it is very simple and easy so many people joined already.
Lastly, these days a good consumer receives fervent response. There are some product which we can donate by itself. this is the coffee bean watch and it is about 40 dollars. This watch was made by one of australia’s company and 30% of profits will be given to orphanage and victims of human trafficking in the world. Actually this watch became famous in korea because of Yoo jaeseock, he wore this watch so many koreans are trying to buy so the web site of this watch’s company was stopped.
And these days not only this watch, many of bracelets are made for donation.
As I wrote it, not only just giving money, though many variety ways, people can know and donate.

2014년 12월 4일 목요일


Last weekend i watched one movie :-)
Actually i am taking screen english class and the professor gave movie fee to all students, she is so nice haha!

Anyway, i saw the fury, hollywood movie.
It's kind of war movie. The background of this movie is 2nd World War.
Also the main actor is bradpitt, my favorite hollywood actor. He is so hot!!

If you dont wanna know the movie's content, DO NOT READ IT.

The meaning of Fury is the one of the tank's name which Wardaddy (Bradpitt) is in charge.
There are five soldiers in the fury and they get aling each other a lot.
About 2 hours, this movie shows the last battle in the front line of Germany.
Also there is one soldier his name is norman and he was an administrative clerk but his position is changed into the soldier.
Before that, he've never got any trained to shoot the gun and attack enemy so he had so hard time to adjust at first.

On the way to fight, one of a solder is died because of Norman because he felt gualty and the german soldier is too you to be killed..
He couldnt help but killing german soldiers for saving his own life but he couldnt.

The Fury countines to go forward but Fury stepped on a mine so the wheels of the tank was ruined.
For fixing the wheels they need to stay but the big German army was coming to their side.
They were only five but the army was enormous.
They need to decied weather fighting or hiding.
At first, except Wardaddy four of soldiers wanted to waiting untill German army would be gone.

However, Wardaddy said
and though others dont wanna fight with him, he decided to go alone.
Other members of Fury, they couldnt let the captian go alone.

That part is the end of this movie.
The result is many of Germans are killed by 5 American soldier.
Also only one American soldier is alive.
That is Norman.
He hided under the tank and the German army left.

The next day, rescue team came to save him.
The rescue team call Norman 'Hero.'
He was a coward but through that battle, he became a hero.

It's the movie summary.

Also what i felt after wathing the movie, the war is so cruel in any reasons.
For living, they need to kill others.
They enter the army for their country but killing other is necessary.
Although they dont do any wrong but for their country, some are dead and some kill others.

In this movie, soldiers are so strong in the battle but they cry like a baby when they are drunken.

"Ideals are peaceful, history is violent"
It's the Wardaddy in the movie.

2014년 10월 19일 일요일

discussion topic

I would like to choose a topic about the peace of world haha :)
Actually when i searched about the 2014 nobel prize winners,
i could find one ridiculous thing.
This time, novel peace prize was given two people.
First is an old man from India, his name is Kailash Satyarthi,
one who lead the peaceful demonstration.
Also he helped and saved some of slave children to live their own life.
Second is one young girl, Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan.
She is the youngest and a children and women education activist.
Actually she became hot issue this time among all winners.
 She posted one article, the title was
She just posted on her blog but the New York Times reported her so she has became since 2009.
97 % of Pakistanis are muslim and the Taliban prohibits women go to school so when she posted that article and became famous, the Taliban might be in bad temper.
So when it was 2012, she got gun shoot on her head from the Taliban she almost died but she had surgery in england and revived dramatically.
After that, she and her family moved to england
and she is still fighting for the right of education.
By the way, one thing very important matter is the Taliban.
The day when Nobel foundation announced the winner of peace prize,
the spokesperson posted on twitter in english.
 They threated her as it.

The point is she also know how much Taliban is strong because she was born in Pakistan but she is fighting against to them even though she is threatened by them.
Not only she is young, because of her mindset made herself to bit issue.

Q1. Do you think why the nobel foundation choose two of them together to be winners of peace prize?

Q2. Is it right to give the peace price to Malala though she is young?

Q3. How could the world solve the problem of the Taliban?

2014년 10월 5일 일요일

dessert at cafe

For women, chatting away with friends is one of resting.
Especially in cafe, women love to do it so i just wanna blog some dessert what i had before.
berryberry yogurt -
strawberry, blueberry, rasberry yogurt
@ CAFE 301.
green grape smoothie
@ CAFE 301
greentea latte, roll bread
macaron latte & gelato
milk tea latte & greentea latte
@ CAFE office or
grapefruit iced flake
@ cafe today is good
choco iced flake
banana mochi & kiwi mochi
strawberry iced flake & schneeballen
strawberry yogurt
Bacon sausage blunch & strawberry latte
chesse iced flake

pineapple iced flake
yogurt iced flake & greentea iced flake
greentea latte & cafemocha
these dessert are good tasty and not only looking.